The Presidential SlimFit 2018
The Presidential SlimFit 2018
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The Journey

about us

I was raised by story tellers. Story telling has been a huge part of my life' - Tshepo Mohlala

Founded in 2015 by Tshepo Mohlala. Born in Lydenburg, Mpumalanga and later moved to Tsakane in the east of Johannesburg.

Tshepo Mohlala also known as Tshepo the JeanMaker, all it took was a stylish aunt to spark his interest in fashion.

His Mother (a cleaner) and Grandmother (a Pastor) were also an early influence. At the age of 8 they gave him a single breasted  olive green silk suit.

It was however in the 2000’s that his aunt Takalani would spark his  love affair with denim. Her visits home from varsity were a treat for Tshepo. Her style was classic but quirky, which meant a timeless pairing of denim jacket and bootleg jeans wouldn’t be complete without the flash of daring spice girl boots.

“my passion for denim came from my desire to emulate her style,” as his interest in fashion grew so did his desire to experiment with denim. fast forward  a decade later he abandoned Film making at AFDA to study fashion design at the University of Johannesburg.

In 2015 he launched his first pair of crafted jeans, which he coined ‘The Presidential Fit’ kick starting his career

Tshepo The JeanMaker is dedicated to careful craftsmanship and a refined finish